4 Classes Per Year, Students pay $1,000 Tuition

Earn your Masters Degree through North Park Seminary in partnership with the Pacific Southwest Conference.

Fall: Christian Theology, Winter: Old Testament 1, Spring: New Testament 1, Summer: Christian History 1

Where do I take Classes

Course work is done online with your cohort.  Once per term, your cohort will spend five days together for course instruction at locations like our Covenant Camps.  For the 2017-18 Pilot Year, the first class will be held in the Fall at Mission Springs (Oct 23-27).  The second class will have a five day teaching session in January at Mid-Winter in Chicago (Jan 22-26).  The third course will take place in the Spring at Mission Springs, and the Summer course has no class time and is completely online.

How do I pay for School

North Park Seminary has graciously discounted tuition to $3,200 a year.  $1,000 is paid by the student, $2,200 shared by your Church and the Pacific Southwest Conference when you're on the path towards a Ministry Credential in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Who teaches my classes

North Park Professors and Covenant connected Professors like Dave Nystrom, will facilitate each class.  The Pacific Southwest Conference will add additional value by providing ministry practitioners as guest lecturers.

The Degree Pathway

Your classwork is stackable like Legos as you earn certificates and degrees.  After each milestone, we'll help you evaluate what your next step could be. In year one, you'll earn a certificate in Biblical Foundations.  After year three, you'll earn a Masters in Christian Ministry.  Should you choose to move on to year four, you'll earn a Masters in Christian Formation which is a 48 credit hour Masters and meets the requirements for Ordination.  A Masters of Divinity is attainable with some extra course work.

Estimated Degree Cost

Masters in Christian Ministry (36 hrs) - $3,000 Total Student Tuition Cost

Masters in Christian Formation (48 hrs) - $4,000 Total Student Tuition Cost

Masters of Divinity (78 hrs) - $10,000 Total Student Tuition Cost

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