4 Classes Per Year

Take Masters Degree Courses through North Park Seminary in partnership with the Pacific Southwest Conference.

Fall: Old Testament 1, Winter: Christian Theology, Spring: Church History, Summer: New Testament 1

Where do I take my Classes

Your classes will meet together for one week of class instruction. The Fall Course is taught at Mission Springs in September. The Winter Course is taught at our Mid-Winter Conference in January. The Spring Course is completely online with no physical class instruction. The Summer Course begins with teaching at Mission Springs in May and continues online through the Summer.

How do I pay for my Seminary Degree

The Student + Your Covenant Church + The PSWC + The ECC = Full Tuition Payment

The cost of the Ignite Program is shared between the Ignite Student, their sponsoring Covenant Church, the Pacific Southwest Conference, and the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Each Ignite student pays $1,500 a year in tuition, covering the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Terms. Each sponsoring Covenant Church pays $1,500 behalf of the Ignite student. Finally, the PSWC and ECC pay the remaining tuition amount to North Park Seminary.

Who teaches my classes

North Park Professors and Covenant connected Professors facilitate each class. In the past, courses have been taught by Dr. David Nystrom, Dr. Jim Bruckner, and Dr. Elizabeth Pierre.

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